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We have some security auditing taking place today, the website and apps may load slower than usual. Media content will not be impacted.

We made a small tweak to the default settings for new accounts. Going forward "Always mark media as sensitive" will be turned on. We did this because not all Mastodon instances embrace NSFW content to the same level does and we received a few reports because of unmarked content. If you mainly post NSFW content you may want to enable this as well.

We've also defaulted displaying sensitive content to on. You can also do this yourself in your preferences

we're making some small backend changes tonight. The site and apps might be unavailable briefly although it's not expected to be a huge impact.

Remember that our search is based mainly on hashtags. Of the almost 5,000 distinct hashtags indexed by here are the current top 10.

We experienced a brief outage. Everything should be back up and running now. Please report any problems to @staff

This question was asked privately but I believe the answer should be public.

"What are you planning to do about the straight and lesbian porn starting to appear in the federated timeline"

The answer is nothing. We embrace anyone who wants to use the site to view and share legal content. If you don't enjoy the variety of the federated timeline you have the ability to filter keywords or mute specific accounts 🙂

Calling all users! Did you know you can save a webpage as a homescreen shortcut? Some of us prefer using this over an app.

We need to temporarily limit the amount of content coming from some of the more active instances. This is just until we get a handle on the volume of federated content we're storing. Yesterday we had 12.6k files, today its 19.3k, a massive increase.

Toots by local users are not impacted by this.

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Our Patreon page is now available! Support for as little as $1 or step up to help offset one of our recurring costs. Community support is what will drive new features and ensure we can offer a secure, stable site for months to come.

Not interested in someone's content? Seeing too many porn bots in your federated timeline?

Consider muting them.

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Are we seeing any performance issues this morning? Site seems to load slow on my phone but that might just be my connection

Some more context on the moderation post. To help prevent content involving minors we've started using facial analysis to estimate the age of anyone in images. This is done outside of the web servers and the resulting data is not publicly accessible. Video analysis will be coming in Jan.

We store content from users outside of our own community (via federation) so it's important we take all reasonable measures to moderate appropriately.

This is just one of moderation processes we plan to use.

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The first phase of started this afternoon and we've already analyzed over 2.5 THOUSAND images. Those are NEW images to since this afternoon, not ones previously uploaded.

Are they're any Node.js wizards out there?

If you received two welcome DMs, we're still tweaking the timing.

Raise your hand if you're located in an EU country. (we're doing a GDPR impact review)

Launching a @welcome bot soon, you might receive a DM from it.

What is
It's a privately operated instance of Mastodon.
What is Mastodon?

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... a home for like minded Tumblr refugees.

What makes different from or other instances?

We're trying to set ourselves apart by offering a safe, open space focused on those in the NSFW LGBT+ community.

We also..

  • Offer larger file upload limits than most Mastodon instances.
  • Are completely transparent about our finances and engineering.
  • Do not sell advertising and are 100% community supported.
  • Plan to offer age verification with profile badges in the near future.
  • Cache content in locations around the globe for fast and reliable loading from anywhere.


(there has to be some rules)
  • DO NOT sign up, if you are under 18!

    You may be asked by @staff to provide identification if there is reasonable doubt of your age. We do this for the protection of the community.

  • NEVER post illegal content (includes zoophilie and/or bestiality)
  • NEVER post anything containing depictions of children!
  • NEVER post anything containing necrophilia or death!

    The above includes but is not limited to photos, videos, gifs, or illustrations posted publicly or privately. If you violate the above your account will be permanently suspended and your content will be purged and/or reported to authorities.

  • DO keep racism and hate speech to yourself!
  • DO flag posts that don't follow the rules!
  • PLEASE use proper Hashtags describing your content, so other users can find and or filter your content!
  • Escorts and other sex worker related users should use instead of Though you are welcome to have an account here to post content you will not be allowed to offer or directly link to your services on this website. We're sorry about this but the FOSTA/SESTA bill in the United States puts us at risk of being shut down.