Hello friends,

I'm sad to announce that on May 31st I will be shutting down Displaced.social.

While I have been able to cut the operating costs by over 50% operating a secure, stable service at this scale is no longer financially feasible for me. Beyond finances there are also serious possible legal implications I face as being the sole owner of this service and I’m no longer able to take on those risks.

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--read part 1 first

There is already a way to export you data, including your media, follower and follow lists. Under Settings->Data export simply click request\download archive. This exports in a format that hundreds of other adult themed Mastodon instances support.

Patreon supporters. Your last payments will be put towards the final bills for keeping things running. On June 31 I will automatically cancel every subscription.

It's been fun and I hope to see you on another instance soon, Matt

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I haven't been around to post many updates but we're still growing, just maybe not as fast as a few months ago - which is actually good.

Our database recently passed 2 million statuses from local and federated accounts.

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I'll be rebuilding the Displaced.social frontend this coming weekend. Sorry for the recent outages. I've put a bandaid on the problem so if things go down again they should come back automatically after a few minutes.

For those who asked for a status page there is this available,

@2column not yet but it would be a good idea. I'd like a public status page of some type.

This outage was related to a service failure on the front-end instance. It went unnoticed by me.

To keep operating costs low the architecture is pretty simplistic, 1 web front end instance, 1 db as a service instance, 1 management instance that's off unless in use, and the storage service. Efficient and more robust than most Mastodon setups, but lots of points of failure.

We experienced an outage. Everything should be back to normal now but we'll continue to monitor.

Aware of and looking into issues with Discord \ Patreon connection

Our storage provider is experiencing an outage.

Aware of possible issues uploading media. Looking into it now.

The decision to block Humblr.

A couple of days ago Displaced.social blocked Humblr from interacting with our systems. We have nothing against Humblr directly but the costs and risks of being closely tied to such a large instance are too great to be ignored.

Humblr is a massive community and through federation Displaced.social was hit with unsustainable database and storage growth. Another downside of being connected to such a large community is the risk of unintentionally storing or transferring potentially illegal media. There will always be risk involved in any public community but this particular level of risk is one that I, the legal owner of Displaced.social, cannot accept.

So, what does this mean for us. Well, blocking Humblr meant blocking over 900 accounts on Displaced.social. That means if you had followed an account from Humblr it will no longer be displayed and will have been removed from your follows list. It sucks this had to be an all or nothing situation but there was really no other way.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know,

-Matt @mattincanada

The move is finished! 🎉

We lost roughly 180 files that had been uploaded in the moments between cutting over services, not a bad number considering we moved over 70,000.

If you notice anything odd happening please post in forum.displaced.social with as much detail as you can. (including screenshots)

We just kicked off a massive move of all photos and videos. It's going to take a while, possibly an hour, but hopefully not that long.

We're keeping the site and apps active during the move but you should avoid posting media during this time because it might get lost in the shuffle.

We're making the move to hopefully save nearly $50 USD per month in storage and data transfer costs. Little bit of pain for a pretty big gain.

We've launched a support forum to help get questions answered faster and document those answers for everyone.

Feel free to toss out questions or answer any you can.


(You must be signed into displaced.social to access the forum.)

Our email handler went down for about 10 minutes this afternoon. It's working now and should be caught up soon.

This will impact account confirmation emails, follow requests, and moderation reports.

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Anyone else having a problem where you are not getting all of your notifications? I'm missing some notifications when people boost or favorite a toot.

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What is Displaced.social?
It's a privately operated instance of Mastodon.
What is Mastodon? youtu.be/IPSbNdBmWKE

@natsumisummer have you tried the A&W Beyond Meat burger? It has enough sodium to kill a horse but it's pretty tasty.

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... a home for like minded Tumblr refugees.

What makes Displaced.social different from Mastodon.social or other instances?

We're trying to set ourselves apart by offering a safe, open space focused on those in the NSFW LGBT+ community.

We also..

  • Offer larger file upload limits than most Mastodon instances.
  • Are completely transparent about our finances and engineering.
  • Do not sell advertising and are 100% community supported.
  • Plan to offer age verification with profile badges in the near future.
  • Cache content in locations around the globe for fast and reliable loading from anywhere.


(there has to be some rules)
  • DO NOT sign up, if you are under 18!

    You may be asked by @staff to provide identification if there is reasonable doubt of your age. We do this for the protection of the community.

  • NEVER post illegal content (includes zoophilie and/or bestiality)
  • NEVER post anything containing depictions of children!
  • NEVER post anything containing necrophilia or death!

    The above includes but is not limited to photos, videos, gifs, or illustrations posted publicly or privately. If you violate the above your account will be permanently suspended and your content will be purged and/or reported to authorities.

  • DO keep racism and hate speech to yourself!
  • DO flag posts that don't follow the rules!
  • PLEASE use proper Hashtags describing your content, so other users can find and or filter your content!
  • Escorts and other sex worker related users should use Switter.at instead of Displaced.social. Though you are welcome to have an account here to post content you will not be allowed to offer or directly link to your services on this website. We're sorry about this but the FOSTA/SESTA bill in the United States puts us at risk of being shut down.