Jockstrap Central model Simon Marini in our new Raw Studio White Wolf muscle band and cock ring (there's also a matching jockstrap). Made with lambs touch leather.

All new and limited edition gear:

Handcrafted in Toronto. Shipping almost worldwide.

Jockstrap Central model Simon Marini in our new Raw Studio White Wolf Leather Jockstrap and matching armband. Made with lambs touch leather so it's soft as lamb skin but tough as cow. Metallic foil wrapped leather detailing.

Holding out for a hero? Then wait no longer - Raw Studio Hero jockstraps and full frontal ball lifters are here and exclusive to Jockstrap Central. Modeled by our own superhero Simon Marini.

More photos and details:

Rear view of our model Simon Marini in our new Raw Studio Brigade Jockstrap. Get the latest Raw Studio gear exclusively at Jockstrap Central:

Jockstrap Central model Andrew in our limited edition Cellblock 13 Ranger Jockstrap and Harness. Zippers are complicated things so Andrew is showing you how they work.

Get them:

Spring Break Sale at Jockstrap Central - get up to 70% off everything store wide until April 2nd. Jock, sports fetish gear, erotic wear, cock rings, wrestling singlets and more. Jockstrapping guys since 2005!

Can't enough of our model Simon ( @be_uncaged ), check out his Only Fans page and show him some love:

(You can get the CB13 Ranger gear he's wearing at Jockstrap Central:

Another favorite shot of our model Zack Acland in a Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap in grey (on clearance for 20% off right now).

Full Kit Gear Jocks now on clearance at Jockstrap Central for 20% off.

This is our model Zack Acland in the orange Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap.

Get them:

Throwback: One of my favorite models (Derek) in one of my favorite discontinued Nasty Pig jockstraps (Baller).

Sale going on at Jockstrap Central. Get 15% off store wide with discount code JOCKOFF. And not just jocks, underwear, fetish gear, erotic wear, socks, cock rings and more. Sale ends Friday, March 15th.

The good weather is coming (finally). Our McKillop Ignite Sheer Shorts are perfect for lounging, hanging out (literally) or exhibitionism (if your dare). Also in blue, red or white.


Our model Simon showing off our the Bike Proflex Cup (included with our new Meyer Cup Supporters.



This photo was just uploaded to our Your Jockstraps website. New photo from user Jockstrapped_80303.

check it out:

In case you don't know, Your Jockstraps is Jockstrap Central's website for our customers and fans to show off their jockstraps. Completely free.

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